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25 January 2014 @ 12:01 am
Nonnno Aiba x Sho  

The theme this time is a must-see for fans. " It's also preparation for right before the tour(laugh" said Ohno-kun, And they will be introducing their rehearsals to us on the magazine. The sho x aiba combi that entered the studio immediately started counting and checking their dance to the video. The light steps gradually gets more intense... and in the end they would dance to numerous songs with a serious expression. To create the fantastic live they will show you the hidden side of the stage.

Rehearsals are pretty boring, but because it’s fun during the lives that’s why we work hard.
Sho: Good job Satoshi-kun!You are making good use of time. While shooting for Nonno, I’m also practicing for the parts that I’m interested in.
Aiba: Once you start you get so caught up in it, feels like time isn’t enough. (laugh)
Sho: That’s right that’s right. Even at our normal rehearsals it’s like this. Praticing the old dance moves by watching the old videos, learning new dance moves from new songs, and dancing infront of the mirror until we have got it.
Aiba: Because there’s 5 of us, to be on the safe side there is a video to every song.
Sho: on the day of the rehearsal, we often eat curry. However this year the only one whom seems to be following it is nino. (laugh)
Aiba: The other 4 of us are cheating on curry with ramen. (laugh)
Sho: If you are talking about necessities, for my case it would be training wear tops and bottoms, and socks with sneakers. It would be a complete set with a gym bag or something.
Aiba: For me, I actually wear rehearsal clothes and head out from home. And I’ll prepare a lot of shirts and change into them as I sweat it out.
Sho: Surprisingly this year we managed to gather, but there are times when others have other jobs and couldn’t make it.
Aiba: In the past, while we were filming down the video we would also leave a message in the video for the absent member. The most impactful one was for nino’s 20th birthday! Because nino made a song for us when we turned 20, in return we gave him a video letter. However it was pretty indecent stuff so we can’t mention here.(wry smile) oooooooooh lala. HAHAHA
Sho: (Exhale deeply) That was pretty horrible! And also, somehow we were all dancing with just underwear on. Now when I watch it I would feel embarrassed.(laugh) nosebleed alert
Aiba: It was the peak of our youth. (laugh) Nino and Matsujun are really something in rehearsals ne.
Sho: That’s right, they remember it so quickly and doesn’t seem to forget. For Satoshi-kun, he would come to rehearsals in sandals and go, “I totally don’t get it” but despite that, during the real show he does it flawlessly. It’s like someone who says he doesn’t study before the test but gets 100 marks in the end.(laugh) For us, we are the type that remembers and forgets(laugh) But Aiba-kun recently practices at home right?
Aiba: Yup. It would be bad if I couldn’t do it during rehearsals and everyone would have to stop. At home, I can do it at my own pace, practice and remember calmly.
Sho: I see. For me, if I don’t get pressured I don’t feel like doing it at all. So I would stay back and practice right before the live. To be honest, there are times I would panic….
Aiba: I know I know! It’s fun when you do it live, but it’s not all fun during the rehearsals.
Sho: Rehearsals are pretty boring things. However the feeling that you are gradually able to do it feels good, and of course you would want to be in the best condition during the live. That’s why we work hard.
Aiba: Let’s get hyped up for this year’s Arafes too! I’m looking forward to it
pokemongeekpokemongeek on January 25th, 2014 03:30 am (UTC)
it was so hilarious when they said that. Welcome (: